I Can See Clearly Now, The Dirt Is Gone

I Can See Clearly Now, The Dirt Is Gone

I Can See All The Cars Parked In My Way

The windows have just been washed—a truly special day.

As the proud owner of a floor-to-ceiling Office space, days like this are to be treasured…Windows like these create a wonderful opportunity—the whole world is now your own personal show.

Gone Are The Dark Smudges That Had Me Blind

Let’s take a quick look at the parking lot…Ah yes, here comes Larry. Late as usual. Hope he doesn’t trip while running, like yesterday.

Is that Postmates?! I wish I knew…I want to order something too.

I don’t know what they ordered but I want some.

Move Postmates!

You are blocking UPS!

This delivery better have my new office chair…

It’s Going to be A Comfortable—Comfortable, Comfortable—Comfortable

Up on the third floor you are safe from the chaos. The parking battle between Postmates and the mail delivery services wages on.

Your Office space provides the perfect vantage point. It offers prime viewing of the daily 9 a.m. mad scramble into the building!

Courtyard conversations are spied upon…From here, it’s easy to see when your boss is here.

Speaking of, look who just pulled up! Guess it’s time to get back to work…

Relaxing Day

Want that front seat to the madness??

Come take a look at 25910 Acero, Suite 350 over in Mission Viejo!

With a total of 9,784 SF of Sublease Opportunity and 18 Window Offices, you have plenty of space to choose from.

Tired of watching the other members of the building congregate at the courtyard and the parking lot? Spend some time gazing at the wide Saddleback Mountain Range!


Dave Smith

Senior Vice President

CalDRE 01195186

Matt Fryer

Senior Vice President

CalDRE: 01333079

Travis Watts

Senior Associate

CalDRE: 01927498

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