A Forest in My Office

A Forest in My Office

For most businesses, client opinion is everything.

A well decorated office space can make or break a client’s decision to continue to partner with your business.

Brighten up your office space with a couple houseplants!

A few plants here and there can-do wonders for the atmosphere of your office!

Choose the perfect plants that provides the splash of color or life your business needs.

Snake Plant

A striped long leafed plant that grows in an upward cluster. It varies in colors and lengths. It’s a strong and hardy plant that will withstand the most forgetful owner.

It’s nicknamed the Mother-in-law’s Tongue.

Peacock Plant

A beautiful pale green plant with peacock like markings. It’s a plant that requires a light misting throughout the week.

It’s recommended that the water used to mist not be tap water as it can damage the leaves.

Devil’s Ivy

This is a plant that needs a bit of space or to be trimmed. It tends to spread or hang as it grows.

Not much care is needed to keep this plant happy!

Rubber Fig

The leaves of this plant are large and oval shaped. They have a waxy texture, and the stem is smooth.

A natural formaldehyde degrader, it can also clean the surrounding air from the chemicals released from furniture and carpets.

Here are a few more plants that will really make your office POP!

  • Jade Plant
  • Chinese Money Plant
  • Pachira Braid Plant
  • Succulents
  • Air Plants

There is no time to wait!

Your office space needs a plantMULTIPLE PLANTS.

Your staff will enjoy the change and your clients will appreciate the visual!

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